Beginning thoughts on war.

In some discussion with friends of differing views on the topic of war, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should start a small series of post related to that very topic.

My first thought and clarification is this: I am not a political pacifist. I guess you could call me a Biblical pacifist if you needed to define it. What I mean by that is simply that I did not come to my pacifist views by any political ideology or teachings. I did not grow up in a family that was anti-war or anything of that nature. My journey basically began a few years ago when I read: “love your enemies” in the sermon on the mount and start to think hard about what that might mean for me.

So, when you comment on my post, feel free to educate me about political ideas and issues. But any convincing or persuasion will need to be done from a Biblical standpoint. Hope that’s okay with you.

One thought on “Beginning thoughts on war.”

  1. Hey you wrote on my site about your thoughts, and I think that you are right.  My father just left for Kwait, and wont be back untill 9 months.  This is the second time in 4 years, (thats how long the war has been) that he has had to leave us and go out on a 6-9 month deployment.

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