A lull in writing

Sorry I haven’t written much in the past few weeks. It seems like this is a time I should be writing the most, but my mind is sort of in limbo at the moment.
We are trying to figure out where we will be living next month and that’s sort of occupying the majority of my brain at the moment, leaving little room to sit for any period of time and type intelligibly.

Also on my mind:

My parent’s business
The Eikon Project
A possible web design job (side job)
All kinds of ideas for work
Living in Community
Reading and writing (see they are at the bottom of the list)

I hate to keep on setting up false expectations, but hopefully August will bring far more regular writing and a lot more regularity in podcasting (with a community focus). I’ll still be writing, just no guarantees on how many post will show up on this site.

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