A Brief Explanation

Thanks for the input everyone on my considering taking a blogging break. I figure I should give a bit of an explanation so you understand why I want to take a break (and so I can sort of figure it out myself). There’s a lot of reasons, here’s just a few…

Mostly, I’ve been trying to spend most of my waking hours with my beautiful baby in my arms, which has been good for all of us, but not good for my typing abilities.  My focus has changed quite a bit too, and I’m thinking a lot more about the baby and being a father and not so much about all the other issues that usually consume my thoughts. So, lack of time/attention is the first reason.

The second thing is that we as a family are going through some major changes (baby, parenting, jobs, moving, etc). Definitely things I want to write about, but not necessarily blog for the world.  It’s also giving me space to reconsider what activities/projects/blogs I’m giving my time to.

I’ve considered trying podcasting a bit, because it doesn’t require two hands to do. I’ve thought about doing web design as a side job. Once we move and the baby is a little bigger, I definitely plan on getting out more and getting involved in some community projects. I’d love to write a book or some other writing projects, rather then blogging, but maybe both.

Anyways, that’s enough for now. I’ll put another post up here later highlighting some of my favorite old posts on here, and maybe linking to a podcast or some other things. Alright, that’s about it.

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