Spam, Captcha, Comments, Apologizes, and maybe I’m back

Spam! by Grumbler %-|

First off, I’m sorry to anyone whose received any of the emails that there were new comments on a post from my blog and the comment was spam. Sorry about that. I’ve added a Captcha, which is one of those garbled text image things you have to type in to confirm your comment. I really don’t like them but until I can get these spam bots to go away I’ll have to have the captcha up. Please keep commenting though.

Maybe it’s because the blog has been sitting rather dormant, or maybe it’s some other reason, but I’ve been getting about 200 spam comments on my blog a day for about the past four or five days. Annoying in that the comment moderation emails are filling up my inbox. But I’ll survive.

I think I might start blogging again, if only to keep the bots away. Don’t know what you can expect. Maybe random, maybe deep thoughts, maybe just more political stuff for a while. I spent more time getting rid of the spam comments and cleaning up the blog then it would take to punch out a little brief thought now and then.

So welcome back everybody.

Further Political Ponderings

Orwell-Politics by shibuiweb

I’m not really doing the ‘post once a week’ thing very well, so I do apologize. However, the last post had a nice 25 comment long discussion, so I appreciate everyone’s input. For the time being, I’m still asking political questions. We are basically being bombarded with this stuff and I can’t help but think about it. So, with that comes more and more questions. (and I just watched the vice-presidential debates, so there’s even more fodder for thought) [and it doesn’t help that I got a sneak viewing of Religulous the other night]

I guess what I’m really wondering right now, is what relevance all this political stuff has on me and my neighborhood. Not that it doesn’t have an impact, but I sort of wonder how different a Republican and Democratic administration is. I’ve only been really cognizient of anything political for the last maybe 6 years, so I don’t really have personal experience to make judgements on. And since most of the readers here are early 30’s or younger (speak up if your not!), I’m not sure this is the right audience to ask.

I know it’s all interlinked, our country, my neighborhood, international wars and local poverty. Lately, I’m not sure what to make of it. I’m trying to listen honestly and hear out both sides, and they both seem to think they are right and I just can’t make sense of it.

And like I’ve said before, my outlook is motivated by my understanding of trying to follow the teachings of Christ, which contrary to what any politician might say, I believe are the hope of the world. That being said, I’m willing to be pursuaded by anyone on the political or religious spectrum that can help me make sense of the political parties, or even the specific political candidates, in light of me trying to follow Christ’s teachings, and convince me who to vote for. No, my votes not for sale, I’m just trying to make sense of things…