1 iPod = 900 Children Fed for one Day

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I think I’ve talked about opportunity cost before, but it bears repeating. It basically means: “the cost of something in terms of an opportunity forgone”* which is exactly what this ad above is about. Now for my confession, for all my talk about giving and sacrifice I currently own an ipod. It doesn’t matter that I got it for free off one of those sites, the opportunity cost of it is still the same, because I could easily sell it. We’ve had an ipod for a year, and it’s not an evil gadget. What I found recently though, is that when I really check myself, there is a lot I can and should do without. I’m going to sell my ipod. You see when I really weigh the benefits of having an ipod, they still don’t outweigh the opportunity cost of selling it. We are still considering getting a different mp3 player as we’ve found having one has been extremely useful and enjoyable, but it’s definitly a choice to think through.

This is somewhat of a follow-up to the baseball card post. If you found there there are ‘valuable’ items laying around your home that you truly aren’t making much use of, consider selling them and donating the money. Feed someone by cleaning the dust collectors out of your closet.

(ht. to Some Random Dude for the image and idea)

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